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Subject: Preparing For The Unprepared



I have some exciting news for you today…

My good friend J.R. Fisher just released something that I think you’ll find very, very interesting!

It’s called the Survival Food Academy and it’s all about preparing for the unprepared, by building long-lasting food storages that will outlast any natural or man-made disaster.

Now, why is that important?

Well, I strongly believe it can help anyone prepare themselves and give people the security they need when even thinking about going through any catastrophe that might occur.

Here’s the full scoop:

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What’s more, everything he teaches is based on his proven experience that he himself has tested out and lived through.

Other than building an ark and everything you need on it, the advice in his course is the next best thing when talking about preparing yourself for what is surely coming!

Be sure to read every single word on this page, as this will show you exactly what you need to do to finally take advantage of an amazing course that will help you find the good side in a worst case scenario.

Check it out now:

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Speak soon,

P.S. I don’t know how much longer this page is going to be online. I’ve heard J.R. talking about taking it down as soon as he reaches a limit. I’d hate for you to miss out on this, so make sure you check it out ASAP.

Here’s the link again:

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Subject: J.R. just spilled the beans…



I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t tried it out for myself!

I can officially tell you that it is entirely possible to live through a catastrophe comfortably and safely for years on end – easily and (Drum Roll Please)…


Look, this isn’t just another Bear Grills course out there, props to the guy either way. It is a proven, legitimate and respectful way to actually gather and storage actual food that will both last for years.

Here’s exactly what it’s about:

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Oh, and you don’t waste a ton of money on expensive canned foods that don’t have the guarantee of even lasting as long as the companies claim, or the nutrition value people need but rarely get when stuff hits the fan.

All the credit for this revolutionary new food preparedness course goes to my friend J.R. Fisher and his brand of quality, low-cost, nutritious Survival Cave Food products.

He created the Survival Food Academy course so anyone can learn how to quickly and easily start preparing for the worst case scenario even if they have no previous experience in survivalist techniques.

The Survival Food Academy course is an easy to follow along set of videos that take you through the entire system from start to finish.

I know you are going to want to check this out for yourself!

Just click here now to learn more and get started:

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Speak soon,

P.S. My friend J.R. is putting his money where his mouth is and taking all the risk. If you don’t like his course, you don’t pay. As simple as that.

Check it out now:

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Subject: Time-sensitive message…


I sent you a few emails regarding the Survival Food Academy.

My friend J.R. Fisher just told me he’ll be closing the doors to his course very soon as they’re reaching the maximum number of members they can take on.

This is your last change to act and grab it.

I notified you about it a few days ago as I wanted you to be one of the first people to hear about it, but this is the last email I’ll send you about it.

It’s no or never…

This is your chance to learn everything on surviving catastrophes and finally be at ease that you have done everything you could to make sure both you and your family are safe, no matter what happens in the future.

Here’s the link for you to check it out:

==> http://XXXXXX.foodacadem.hop.clickbank.net

I’ll ask J.R. to keep the doors open for a few more hours so you can grab it, but I make no promises.

If you click on the link and the page says: “CLOSED” – I’m sorry, but it’s not my fault.

I warned you a few times about it already.

Ok, enough talk.

Time to act:

==> http://XXXXXX.foodacadem.hop.clickbank.net

To your well-being,


Before this I wasn’t exactly prepared for a disaster – heck I don’t know if I would’ve survived a minor power outage with what I had back then – I had some cans of food and a couple of pieces of survival gear which I thought were more than appropriate.

But one day I had the chance to see what a proper long term emergency storage looks like and I realized that what I had was a few day’s worth – at best.

So I started planning and calculating just how much food I needed for a long-term survival and how much that would cost me. The cost of it all quickly got to five and then six figures for an adequate long-term stockpile – something that I couldn’t hope to afford.

But then I learned of J.R. Fisher and his “<a href=”http://XXXXXX.foodacadem.hop.clickbank.net”>Survival Food Academy</a>”.

I was skeptical at first – especially because spending money to save money felt counter-intuitive to me.

But after I got on board with his program and started implementing his methods I realized that adequately preparing for an emergency situation doesn’t have to bankrupt me.

With his methods and techniques, I was able to create an effective long-term survival plan and stockpile enough food to last through whatever disaster might be coming my way.

I’m grateful that I had the fortune and opportunity to find such a complete and easy to understand guide to preparing for any and all emergencies. But even more than that I learned how to feed myself and my family with nutritive and quality foods even in the worst of conditions.

Click here to learn more about the <a href=”http://XXXXXX.foodacadem.hop.clickbank.net”>Survival Food Academy</a>.

A couple of things to note about J.R. Fisher and his <a href=”http://XXXXXX.foodacadem.hop.clickbank.net”>Survival Food Academy</a> is that out of all the survival courses and emergency training products available – his is definitely the most comprehensive and well rounded.

But more than providing people with useful information and advice – he explains in-detail how to perform the crucial survival activities and plan out your food storage in a crisis.

He not only teaches what foods to buy and stock, but also how to calculate nutritional needs per person that won’t only keep them alive, but allow them to lead a healthy and productive life by stabilizing their nutrition – even in the worst disasters and for long periods of time.

His advice on safely storing, keeping and protecting your food storage is extremely useful to both beginners and experts.

And that is something I want to praise him for especially.

He has made a product that not only teaches absolute beginners how to start stockpiling their emergency food supply, but also provides experienced survivalists withvaluable insights into existing methods as well as revealing some completely new techniques that will complement even the best laid out emergency plans.

To keep the long story short, I want to recommend J.R. Fisher and his <a href=”http://XXXXXX.foodacadem.hop.clickbank.net”>Survival Food Academy</a> to any and all that are serious about providing themselves and their loved ones with contingency plans that will keep them safe and well-fed – no matter how long it might drag-out.

It is a pleasure to discover and work with someone that is as knowledgeable, passionate and invested in providing the best service possible.

He truly delivers something that is unique in its quality and he does it with unsurpassed passion, care and a whole-hearted determination to help, so if you want to learn more about <a href=”http://XXXXXX.foodacadem.hop.clickbank.net”>Survival Food Academy</a>, click here.